Director of Blockchain & Tokenomics

Max Anthony Chan

Anthony is the key person in the engineering team and is responsible for our technical strategies and engineering operations.

Anthony has vast experience in blockchain smart contract writings and has been involved in many tokenomic project around Asia.

He previously worked as a software engineer at various software developer companies in Singapore, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

Director of Games & Technology

Michael Tang

Michael is responsible for architecting, developing and deploying game play mechanics and UI navigation from end to end for 1Move.

He has more than 15 years experience in games development and has deep knowledge in open-world turn-based multiplayer RPG with NFTs on PlayCanvas.

Director of Business Development

Felix Morales

Felix has more than 18 years experience in Business & Marketing Development and had dealing with multiple MNC companies like Foxconn Technology, Shell and Microsoft.

Felix strength is in providing business insights, data enrichment and advanced analytics. His role includes understanding the consumer mindset and designing data-driven and creative marketing strategies.

He has also assisted several NGOs in data collection and consolidation for numerous humanitarian missions around the world.

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