Sneaker Type

There are four Sneaker types, each designed to suit a different exercise intensity and/or fitness routine:

TypeSpeed Range (km/h)Base Return at Optimal Speed



4 1MT / 1 Energy Spent



5 1MT / 1 Energy Spent



6 1MT / 1Energy Spent



4 - 6 1MT / 1 Energy Spent

Users have the choice to choose any type of sneaker suited to their fitness routine at the beginning of minting but they would need to pay close attention to the speed range given for each type.

They must ensure that their movement is within the speed range as this will affect their token earnings. Several factors also play a part that would cause the earnings to fluctuate even when movement is within the range such as:

Sneaker Efficiency

If the sneaker has 0 efficiency, users will earn 4 coins max at the maximum optimal speed range (6kmph for walker), and 0 coin at the minimum optimal speed range (<1kmph for walker). Higher efficiency however enables users to earn maximum token even at a lower speed as long as they are still within the stated speed range.

GPS signal

Users will earn less if GPS signal is poor.

Mobile Data signal strength and stability

If data signal is choppy, earnings will be affected and might be reduced.

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