Sneaker Status

Sneakers have 4 statuses and they are displayed on the respective sneaker in the collection page. The following are the statuses and the meaning each represents:

1. Normal ( - ) None

Description: Sneaker that has all features available

2. Starter Pack (SP)

Description: Sneaker received from starter pack. Can't be transferred or sold for 365 days, otherwise behaves like a normal sneaker

3. Air Drop (AD)

Description: Sneaker received from air drop. Can't be transferred or sold, otherwise behaves like a normal sneaker

4. Dormant (DO)

Description: Sneaker will enter dormant status upon 24 hours of receiving from decentralized wallet or when it is listed in the marketplace. Under dormant status, the user will not be able to use the sneaker for anything, including any moving activities, minting, levelling up and so on. The sneaker will be treated as non-existent and will not be used for any gameplay calculations.

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