Earning Mechanics

1MT will be paid out for every minute of movement, which is dependent on 3 main factors:
  1. 1.
    Type of Sneaker – 1MT returns for each Sneaker differs depending on the type. Refer to the Sneaker Type section for the individual breakdown of each Sneaker type
2. Sneaker’s Efficiency Attribute - The higher the efficiency, the more 1MT earned per minute.
3. Speed of Movement - To maximize earnings, users need to be within the optimal speed range of their respective Sneaker. Whenever a user falls below or above this range, their earnings will be reduced up to 90% depending on the speed discrepancy from the optimal range.

Earning calculation are as follow:

Player 1MT Earning = EC x(SEA+SEC)System Value x randbetween (X , Y) x ASF x DF

Energy Consumption (EC) = Int (Total Energy / 5 Mins)
Average Speed Adjustment Factor (ASF) = (M< Min Speed x System Value1) or (M< Max Speed x System Value2) =0
Average Speed Adjustment Factor (ASF) = [0,1] Linear change when [50% Min Speed, Min Speed] or ([0,1] Linear change when [Max Speed, 200% Max Speed]
Durability Adjustment Factor = Durability < 20%= 0.1
1.M: Player's Average Speed 2.SEA: Sneaker Efficiency Attribute 3.SEC: Sneaker Efficiency's Coefficient
4.System value: Value set by the game developer, subject to change. 5. X: A range of system values
6. Y: A range of system values
In short, the factors which affect 1MT Earnings are:
  1. 1.
    Total Energy
  2. 2.
    Movement Speed
  3. 3.
    Sneaker (Type, Attributes, Quality & Level)
  4. 4.
    Artifact (Type, Level & inserted Socket Quality)