Attribute Formula

Sneaker Attributes Formula

  • Efficiency (Token Earning)

    • Each efficiency attribute will provide 0.1% boost to the coin earnings. For example: if the player placed 20 attribute points to Efficiency, he will get a 2% boost for coin earning

  • Luck (Frequency and quality of treasure chest)

    • Determines the frequency and quality of a Treasure Chest drop. For frequency, every luck attribute will increase the chance of a treasure chest by 0.2%. For example: If the sneaker has 100 luck attribute, it will get a 20% extra chance of obtaining a treasure chest. For quality, every luck attribute will -0.2% of the lowest treasure chest quality and add it to the highest quality. For example: if the sneaker (standard quality) has 200 luck attribute, the chance of getting a bronze will be reduced from 25% to 0%, silver will be reduced from 73% to 58%, whilst the chance of getting ruby will increased from 2% to 42%.

  • Firmness (Under Development)

    • Having a higher Firmness Attribute will result in better quality shoe box in the breeding process

  • Durability (Repair)

    • Durability affects the decay rate of a sneaker and condition. Higher Durability will result in a slower sneaker condition decay, thus can withstand longer before needing to repair. When the sneaker has 0 durability, the sneaker will decrease 4 Conditions for every 1 energy spent (100->96). However, each Durability attribute will provide 0.2% decrease to the condition decrease rate. For example: if the player placed 20 attribute points to Durability, he will get a 4% reduction per energy spent, which means for each energy spent his condition will only be decreased by 3.84 instead of 4.

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