Sneaker Attributes

Attributes play a major role in determine factors that would influence several aspects of the sneaker. Attribute points is given at random (depending on quality of sneaker) and users have the choice to add the points to any attributes they wish, depending on their objective for each sneaker.

There are four different attributes associated to a sneaker with each playing different roles.

1. Efficiency

Efficiency determines how effective the sneaker will be in engaging their movement. Having a high efficiency attribute will result in better 1MT earnings per energy spent.

2. Luck

Luck will impact the frequency and quality of a treasure chest drop. The higher the luck, the higher the chances of a user to receive more and better quality treasure chest.

3. Firmness

A higher firmness attribute will result in better quality shoebox during the breeding process.

4. Durability

Durability is an attribute that affects the declining rate of a sneaker. With higher durability, the declining rate of a sneaker reduces over usage which will then impact the cost of repair

Users will be able to use 1MT/1RT to reset the Sneaker's Attribute points. The more frequent the reset, the more expensive it will be, with the cost capping at a certain level (Under Development).

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