Treasure Chest Dynamics

Treasure Chest Content

The loot obtained from Treasure Chest is randomized based on the following table:

Treasure Chest Drop Rate

Treasure Chest value determines if there will be a Treasure Chest drop

If more energy is spent per session, the higher the probability of getting a treasure chest.

Rate of Treasure Chest drop is depending on the total energy spent in 1 single run session. For every energy spent, the % will go up by 1%. For example, if the person spends 15 energies in 1 run, he has a 15% chance to receive a Treasure Chest. Every Luck attribute of the selected sneaker in that run will boost the % up by 0.2. For example, if the sneaker has 100 Luck attribute, he will receive a 20% extra chance of obtaining a Treasure Chest. But if the person has not spent a full energy in one run, the drop rate % is still 0.

Treasure Chest Quality

The quality of a treasure chest is determined by the sneaker quality and the luck attribute. The following table shows the probability of quality depending on the sneaker type with luck attribute at 0.

If the Luck attribute is not 0, each Luck attribute will –0.2% of the lowest treasure box quality chance and add it to the highest quality. If the lowest quality chance is already 0, the second lowest will be added. For example, if a sneaker (basic quality) has 100 Luck Attribute, the chance of getting Bronze Treasure Box will be reduced from 97% -> 77%, and chance of getting Silver will be increased from 3% -> 23%. Another example is, if the sneaker (standard quality) has 200 Luck Attribute, the chance of getting Bronze will be reduced from 25% - 0%, and Silver will be reduced from 73% -> 58%, and chance of getting Ruby will be increased from 2% -> 42%

Treasure Chest value determines if there will be a Treasure Chest drop:

1. PSL: Player Sneaker Luck

2. PSLC: Player Sneaker Luck Coefficient (Artifact/Socket)

In short, the factors which affect Treasure Chest Quality are:

  1. Energy used in one single session

  2. Luck value of Sneaker

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