Energy and Earning Cap

Users are give a Daily Energy Cap and Daily Token Cap as soon as they purchase a sneaker from the Starter Minting Pack. The cap for each restricts the maximum amount of Energy and tokens that users can have per day.
Each NFT sneaker has a specific energy capacity, and energy restoration will seize as soon as it reaches the maximum cap. This also applies to the 1MT token where earnings will seize as soon as it reaches its maximum income cap.
The energy cap and daily token cap given are non-exclusive which means that they are for the overall total number of sneakers owned.
Daily Energy Cap
Users start the game with 2/2 Energy. Max Energy Cap is at 20/20. Users can increase their Energy by getting more or higher quality Sneakers (Refer to Energy System below)
Daily Token Cap
Users start the game with a 5/5 Daily 1MT Cap. The Daily Token Cap maxes out at 300 1MT. Users can increase their Daily Token Cap by leveling up their Sneakers.
Both energy and 1MT capacity can be increase with the additional purchase of NFT sneakers or upgrades to different levels.