Getting Started

To start, users need to download the 1move app

1. Download the 1MOVE app

Download from:

2. Sign up for 1move

After getting access to the app on your respective devices, you will be able to sign-up for 1move using your email address. You will then receive a verification code via your registered email which will be used to login. The final process is entering a referral link/code (provided by an introducer) to complete the sign-up.

3. Create a crypto currency wallet

Click the wallet icon on the top right hand corner of your home screen. This will generate a 12-word secret phrase. This phrase code will be used to recover your Wallet if you forget your password or uninstalled the app.


Take note of the phrase code and put it somewhere safe

4. Transfer BNB into your in-app Wallet

Transfer BNB into your in-app wallet to buy a Starter Minting Pack/NFT Sneakers and ensure that you always maintain some balance of BNB as gas fee in your Wallet.

5. Purchase NFTs

Head over to the in-app Sneakers Starter Minting Pack and pick out your Sneaker! You can select any preferred Sneaker pack as long as sufficient balance of BNB are available for the purchase.

Congrats! You are all set! After the purchase of a Sneaker, energy will restore at a rate of 25% every 6 hours (Fixed at UTC Time 00:00, 06:00, 12:00, 18:00)

You can start your 1move journey immediately after the first 25% energy restoration.

6. Sneakers Cooling Down Period.

All sneakers purchased in the Sneakers Minting Pack will be locked for 365 Days. During this cooling down period, sneakers are non-transferable and non-sellable.

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