Users equip themselves with NFT Sneakers to entitle them to earn tokens by moving. Energy is needed to move and moving will generate 1Move Tokens (1MT). Sufficient energy must be available before moving, as there will be no tokens earned with zero energy.

To begin, users select a Sneaker of their choice, and press Start.

GPS Signal

White - No GPS; Red - Poor GPS; Green - Strong GPS.

The GPS Signal is critical in ensuring that the user's movement generates 1MT. A green or red signal will detect movement but earnings might be reduced when in a red (poor GPS) state compared to a green (strong GPS) state. If signal shows white, no movement is detected and no tokens will be generated.


If the app detects no GPS/internet signal, or the user is not organically moving (i.e. using an electronic scooter or strapping their phone on their dog), no 1MT will be earned and users may or may not lose Energy depending on the circumstance.

Earnings will also be drastically affected should the movement is below or exceeds the recommended speed for each sneaker type.

Users will stop earning tokens once Energy is depleted. They can either choose to carry on tracking their movements, or manually exit by pressing the Stop button.

Users can end their activity by pressing the Stop button or pause by pressing the Pause button anytime. A maximum of 10 minutes will be given should users choose to pause their activity before their activity is automatically stopped.


Energy is one of the most critical element that is needed to begin earning 1MTs. Only with energy that users are able to move and therefore start earning tokens. Energy begins at 0 upon registration and purchase of a sneaker and will start to restore at a rate of 25% every 6 hours (Fixed at UTC Time 00:00, 06:00, 12:00, 18:00)

1 energy can be used for 5 minutes of movement and will translate to a certain amount of 1MT received. Users can start moving and earn tokens immediately after the first 25% energy restoration.


Users are able to earn 1MTs when the app is running and movement is detected. Earnings are vastly influenced by several factors of speed, energy, sneakers, attributes and even the GPS signal.

Users must always be aware of these factors in maximizing their earning potential. 1MTs collected can later be used on the app for several events i.e. level-up, minting, repairing etc. or can be cashed out.

1MT will be paid out for every minute of movement, which is dependent on 3 main factors:

  1. Type of Sneaker.

  2. Sneaker’s Efficiency Attribute .

  3. Speed of Movement.

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