1move Introduction

1move is a Web3 fitness lifestyle mobile app that reward users for every step they make
Known as the revolutionary project on the ‘move to earn’ platform, 1move has taken the concept of fitness apps and gaming finance to a whole new level. Users engage on a fun and rewarding platform where they go through a new experience in gaming and socializing. All this whilst keeping up with their fitness or exercise routine and earning valuable tokens along the way.
1Move is built around an important aspect of a human's daily activity which is MOVING. Users equip themselves with 1move NFT sneakers and can start earning tokens by walking, jogging and running outdoors. These tokens can either be used in the app or cashed out for profit.
With its development geared towards mass adoption in the market and knowledge based platform, 1Move aims to engage millions of people on a journey to a healthier lifestyle, with elements of fun, social and engagement embedded to enhance every individual's aspiration.
Last modified 1yr ago